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Adding content

Before you can edit or add content, you have register for a user account. Please make sure to stick to the guidelines for the wiki!

Creating a user account

  1. Click on "Log in" in the (top right), then on "Create user account"

What do the distorted symbols mean? - Captcha

Read the two words and type them in (separated by space). This helps us to prevent Spam. For details see Help:Captcha

Adding content

Please make sure to stick to the guidelines for the wiki!

Please use the forms for adding content in the Add IMC Content menu for adding content.

Redirect user page to expert page

If you are present as an expert or contact person of a practice in the wiki and have registered as a user, there are now two separate pages for you:

  1. the page for the contact person or expert (e. g: Bernhard Krabina),, you can find this page from the experts page.
  2. the user page that you can find above the navigation menu indicated with the user name

When you don't want to have two separate pages, click on your user name, click on edit and enter the following code:

#REDIRECT [[Your Name]]

"Your Name" has to be written as it is in the contacts section. Now clicking on your user name redirects you to your experts page.