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Inter-Municipal Cooperation

Inter-municipal cooperation (IMC) refers to two or more neighbouring municipalities working together to perform municipal administrative tasks, deliver public services to citizens and promote local development in a more efficient and effective way than through isolated action.

In Western Europe IMC has for many decades been a way of addressing issues related to the cost and quality of public service delivery. IMC is a pragmatic solution to overcome the local public service delivery efficiency issues related to small municipal size. However, IMC is still at an embryonic stage in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) due to lack of awareness, capacity and experience. The national and local authorities in CEE are increasingly acknowledging that resolute action is needed to promote IMC and build the capacity of all the concerned actors, including central government, local government association and municipalities. Read more >>

This site is a knowledge management tool that will contribute to raising awareness about IMC, help central governments and local government associations promote IMC, and provide guidance to local authorities on how to engage in concrete IMC initiatives. The site is targeted essentially at practioners from CEE as well as the Caucasus where IMC is particularly relevant. It has been designed to be as simple and as user friendly as possible.

Since 2008, the UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre, the Council of Europe and the Local Governance and Public Service Reform Initiative of the Open Society Institute/Budapest have joined the efforts to promote Inter-municipal cooperation. As a result of this cooperation the following knowledge products have been developed: "Inter-Municipal Cooperation Guide for Practitioners", "Inter-municipal cooperation Toolkit Manual" and the "Web-site on Inter-municipal co-operation". The components of the site dealing with understanding, promoting and establishing IMC draw on the "Inter-Municipal Cooperation Guide for Practitioners" . Read more >>

Click on the link to download the IMC Toolkit Manual (PDF).

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