Step 7 - Establish a joint task force

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Establishing IMC
PHASE 1: Initiating cooperation
PHASE 2: Establishing cooperation
PHASE 3: Implementing IMC
PHASE 4: Evaluating IMC

Once it has been decided that IMC will go ahead, the mayors of the municipalities should establish a joint task force that will be responsible for:

The task force should not be too large, but it should include key people with the necessary authority to negotiate on behalf of the municipality. Senior municipal management should decide on the optimal composition of the joint task force and its chair, who should be senior municipal staff; the principle of rotation should be adopted to give each municipality the opportunity to chair. The precise composition of the task force will depend on the envisaged IMC area(s). The composition of the task for may also change depending on the specific topics that are dealt with (legal form, financing, technical issues).

In addition to drawing from the knowledge and skills of various local officials, it may become necessary to employ external consultants such as legal and finance experts. Assistance can be sought from the relevant central government institution and/or the national local government association to identify suitable experts.